The Effectiveness of Police Strobes

police strobes are a common feature of police cars and send different messages to road users depending on the context or situation. police strobes use stroboscopic lamp, which produce bright and regular flashes of light. These lights replaced halogen lights and in turn LED lights are replacing them. Strobe lights were first used in 1931 by Harold Eugene Edgerton to study the movement of objects. The light has from then evolved to be used for a number of purposes including for use on police cars and other emergency vehicles.

police strobes use xenon flash lamps that produce bright flashes of light although color gels are used to produce colored light. These flashes of light can be seen from long distances and are effective for warning motorists of an oncoming police vehicle. police strobes produce about five flashes per second, as faster and brighter flashes are associated with the setoff of photosensitive epilepsy. The most common type of police strobes are magnetic strobes and strobe bars, which are offered in different colors, the most widespread being amber blue and red.

Strobe bars are arguably the most frequently seen types of police strobes on police vehicles. These are often permanently mounted on top of a police car, and are used in addition to a siren and can be turned on and off from inside the car. The purpose of these lights can range form indicating that a driver pull over and talk to the police car, to give way so that the police car can pass, or when stationary, indicate impending danger at the scene of an incident. The permanently mounted police strobes cannot be removed for the purpose of storing, and is one of the ways in which one can identify a police car.

police strobes can also be detachable and are mostly favored by undercover police officers on unmarked police vehicles. The detachable police strobes are smaller and thinner to provide for easy concealing. They are mounted only when required, and also work effectively in warning motorists. This type of police strobe can be used either in the inside of the vehicle or mounted on the roof. They are also switched on from within the car and some are even specially made to fit on the visor. In some cases, police strobes are mounted on the side of the police vehicles to warn traffic of their presence particularly at sharp corners or intersections. The lights may also be mounted behind the back seat to warn vehicles that are behind the police car.

LED lights are however replacing police strobes as there are many shortcomings of police strobes. They (police strobes) use a lot of power and so require a special car battery to keep them working especially if they are required to be on for long periods of time. These strobes also produce a low intensity light as compared to LED lights. Their light is also more susceptible to offsetting photosensitive epilepsy than the LED light is. police strobes are however still a good choice for police cars, and have proved to be precious to police and other emergency workers.

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