Smart Ways to Save on Payroll Dollars

If you are about to start a dollar store one of your areas of focus must be reducing the expenses associated with your business. You must continually be on the hunt for savings opportunities. Even the smallest of cuts can mean a lot to your business over a year. One opportunity many who decide to start a dollar store overlook is working with vendors to have them handle getting their displays installed and dollar store merchandise product stocked. These business owners fail to capitalize on this chance to have an expert perform these tasks at no cost.

The vendor work becomes part of the purchase of initial and refill dollar store merchandise orders. The examples that follow are great samples of how this can work for you. While not all vendors will agree, many will not only be happy, but actual expect to handle these tasks for their client stores.

Soft Drinks and Other Beverages

Beverage sales can mean a lot to your overall store sales levels. Even better is the willingness of some suppliers to provide not only help with stocking as they make each delivery, but even the refrigerated cooler. They want their logo and name to be part of the display the beverage products, so often provide this as a part of your agreement.

Candy, Chips and Snack Items

These items can produce sales totals that make a significant contribution to total sales. Even better is the willingness of sales personnel who call on your store every week or two to give you a hand in the stocking of their products. They are sometimes able to help you learn better ways to display items at the same time.

Other Merchandise

Many food products are included. Fruit and produce, bread and bakery products, and more are all great examples. While not every company or sales person will jump in to help, many are more than happy. In fact some local suppliers expect to do this for you when you start a dollar store.

Always remember to ask for support from your suppliers. Often having them do the assembling and installing of displays can take a task that requires hours of your time and turn it into just minutes of time for the company representative who knows exactly what to do. The same goes for the hours required to place in a dollar store merchandise on display. An expert vendor rep is often more than happy to handle the task for you as well. Every time that happens you are paying less in labor costs when you start a dollar store.

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