Skin Lightening Cream – An Industry worth More Than 50 Billion Dollars per Year in the US Alone

Each and every year, people go to great lengths in order to find the ultimate skin lightening cream, and the amount of money spent on skin whitening creams and skin bleaches is mindboggling. In fact, if surveys and statistics are anything to go by, Americans spent more than 50 billion dollars on such products during 2010, and the amount being spent increases year on year.

Why is there such a substantial demand for products of this nature? The reasons are many, and quite often differ from one country to the next. For instance, in many Asian countries, skin color is linked to social standing, and many people are willing to spend considerable amounts of money in order to have lighter skin. In other countries, and especially those where the general population has an affinity for outdoor life and sunbathing, people will search for skin whitening products in order to get rid of age spots or sun spots.

In the not too distant past, cosmetic procedures where extremely popular between people wanting to eliminate skin blemishes, but as we all know, the recent financial crisis has taken its toll, and most people now have to curb their spending. Additionally, skin care technology has moved forward at an alarming pace, and today we are seeing more and more creams and lotions arriving on the market which are well and truly capable of lightening one’s skin. Whereas procedures such as chemical peoples and laser treatments can set you back thousands of dollars, a good skin lightening cream shouldn’t cost more than about $ 50. You might need to purchase a few tubs or tubes, but in the end it’s still going to work out far less costly.

Creams and lotions also don’t come with the same risks as do most cosmetic procedures, providing of course you shop wisely. If you don’t, and you simply base your decisions on the latest adverts you see, or on what friends might be telling you, then yes, you will be putting yourself at risk, although you’ll most likely only find out once it’s already too late. When a deep chemical peel goes wrong, you’re instantly disfigured, but when you don’t pay attention to what skin care products you use, illness will usually only strike many years later.

Are readily available creams and lotions really that risky that we should be concerned about our health? Absolutely! Researchers have long since established the fact that the estrogen hormone, when it misbehaves, can lead to breast cancer. Researchers also know that parabens, a group of chemicals widely used in the cosmetics industry, have the uncanny ability to mimic the estrogen hormone. It’s also not uncommon for researchers to discover traces of these parabens in the tissue of cancerous breast tumors. Perhaps just a strange coincidence, but I personally would rather not take the chance, especially when there’s no real reason to.

These chemicals are added into countless skin care products to act as preservatives, but this in itself begs the question … why are preservatives needed in the first place? Some all-natural whitening creams have a shelf life exceeding two years, and they are totally free of such preservatives. This isn’t some sort of miraculous achievement either, but instead, it all boils down to the manufacturer’s choice of ingredients, and also the quality of those ingredients.

The secret to lightening one’s skin lies in reducing the amount of melanin present, hence the reason why you’ll see hydroquinone mentioned in the list of ingredients of virtually any name brand lightening cream. This chemical has proven to be highly effective at inhibiting melanin production, but as is to be expected, there are risks involved, including permanent disfigurement.

Marginally less effective, but 100% risk free is a natural substance known as nut grass root extract. This safe and natural gift of nature can inhibit melanin production by up to 40%, which in simple terms means that it may take a little bit longer before results are seen. In my opinion, that’s a fair trade off.

Whatever your reason for wanting a skin lightening cream, just know that there are indeed creams out there which definitely do work, and yet are so safe to use, you could actually even eat them.

If you’d like to find out whether or not your skin lightening cream is safe to use, and whether you can expect to see real results, please take a look around my website at This short article has been brought to you by Kalpana Rajagopala – a person who is dedicated to helping others realize their health and beauty goals in a way which is both safe and effective.

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