High Priced Consulting – Hundreds of Dollars Per Hour

How to start your consultation and what you need to do? What if you discovered simple step-by-step system that you can follow to provide high ticket consultation starting today? Here are 3 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Evaluate your hourly rates.

Step 2 – Tell your clients to arrange questions before hand.

Step 3 – Solve specific problems in your consultation.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Evaluate your hourly rates.

Before you set up your consultation program it is important that you evaluate your hourly fees and what your time is worth. Only once you know what your time is really worth to you, you can set up your hourly price. It is also important that you focus on a specific targeted niche to provide consultation, this will not only help you to provide your most expert content but also help your clients to get maximum benefit out of the limited time that they will be paying for. It is important that you request your clients to arrange their questions before hand before they get to you on the call.

Step 2 – Tell your clients to arrange questions before hand.

Having their questions ready will save your clients time in thinking about what he has to ask you. Also it is important that you actually know what are their exact problems that is helping them to raise huge amount of frustration in your niche. This will get you ready to provide them step-by-step solution and a simple action plan that they can use to solve their most pressing problems. It is important that you solve specific problems in your consultation based program.

Step 3 – Solve specific problems in your consultation.

Solving specific problems will allow your clients to gain more out of your call and also you will be able to provide expert content out there.

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Why Tax Season Can Be So Taxing

We are into the beginning of tax season once again. It’s that time of year when we can all feel like a congressman’s mistress after a sexual liaison. And satisfied is definitely not the word I was thinking of.

Tax season is when we can all feel like we are government employees. The difference is that some of the employees get a check and the rest of us give our check to them. So, again we are back to that word I was thinking of in the first paragraph that was definitely not “satisfied”. Sex was not going to be the theme of this article but it seems to be so far, just not the fun kind, more like the kind you could expect on a blind date with Mike Tyson.

When someone calls the IRS for tax help on their toll-free number there is only a 70% chance that you will actually talk to a live person ( and when you do talk to a live IRS agent “live” becomes a relative term.) And then when someone is fortunate enough to talk to a person the conversation often goes something like this:

IRS agent: This is the IRS, may I help you?

Joe Q. Public: …What? Is that a real person or did I actually die during the wait and I’m now in heaven?

IRS Agent: Well, sir, if you had died and you were talking to the IRS you would certainly not be in heaven.

(Author’s note: Even an IRS agent can have a sense of humor…at least in my article.)

Joe Q. Public: Okay, so, I have some questions. I’m looking at line 13 of my tax form and I’m not sure how to answer it.

IRS Agent: Technically that is not a question. You’ll have to ask your question with a question format.

Joe Q. Public: (impatiently) Okay, what does line 13 mean?

IRS Agent: What does anything really mean? Is there really any meaning in life?

(Author’s note again: A real IRS agent is not intelligent enough to even feign a philosophical attitude but I am using artistic license.)

Joe Q. Public: Huh? Oh, never mind. Let’s go to the next question. I am raising chickens in my back yard so I can afford to give my family eggs for breakfast each morning. Can I get a deduction out of that?

IRS Agent: No, you should be going out for breakfast to help the economy. That is two strikes against you. Three strikes and you get an automatic audit.

Joe Q. Public: Two strikes? What was my first strike?

IRS Agent: The line 13 question.

Joe Q. Public: (exasperated) But you never told me anything about line 13…Oh, never mind.

He hangs up the phone. The IRS Agent looks to her superior who was listening in on the conversation. He gives her a wink and a pat on the back and says, “Good job, if we start giving the public answers they’ll think we actually have an idea of what we’re doing.”

And there you have it, government efficiency at its best. Now you understand why GM has a plan to save itself by producing a new model of car called the Chevy Clunker. They’ll be able to sell them all to the government for cash.

Steve Yeich is a humor writer with over 25 years of experience. He has written jokes for numerous comedians who have performed on the Las Vegas strip, most notably Jay Leno and Joan Rivers. He has done various forms of script writing including for movies and TV. He has also written over 100 TV and radio commercials. To see more of his articles go to http://darnfunnyonline.com

Tax Attorney Q&A – Non Filers, Bank Levies & Tax Liens – http://www.scltaxlaw.com – Segal, Cohen & Landis – 310-285-3999
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Save Twenty Two Dollars at the Pump Per Tank Full

Before we begin to explain how this is possible. We need to drive home three disturbing facts.

1. The energy companies are absolutely not going to help us!

2. The energy companies are going to keep raising prices!

3. The energy companies will keep creating the same gas guzzling cars!

We seem to live in a world of perpetual madness. When alternative ideas that we can use today come out we believe the debunking efforts of corporations that oppose loosing profits to these ideas. One such idea can and will save you around $ 22.00 per tank of gas at the fuel pump and hundreds to thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.. It is an easy to install alternative fuel source. Here are 4 benefits from using this alternate to gasoline fuel source.

1. You will extend the life span of your engine.

2. You will reduce your car’s maintenance costs.

3. You will enjoy a smoother and cleaner running engine.

4. You will increase your fuel efficiency up to 60%.

I don’t know about you. I am all into saving money and extending the life of my car. It may even give me a higher resell value. See, we are already into positives. How is all this possible?

Add water to your gas! WATER The most abundant resource on our planet and you can use it as fuel!!! That’s Right, Fuel!!! Imagine being able to run your car on water, saving you tons of money and avoiding environmental pollution that will be costly to our people in the long run! Water is plentiful, renewable and readily available – costing you practically nothing. This is why you should consider converting you car to run on HHO, H20 or water. It is simple. It will work on all petroleum powered engines.

1. Diesel

A. Cars

B. Trucks

C. Vans



F. Vans

2. Gasoline

A. Cars

B. Trucks

C. Vans



F. Vans

Of course we will eventually find many more applications. You get the picture. Experts Agree: Water is Viable Fuel Technology. Well than the real question is: Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of paying high gas prices and cutting costs elsewhere just to be able to get to work and earn more money – to pay for gas to get there? Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a treadmill? Than do something about it.

Gas is especially costly to those who commute quite a ways to work and to those who drive sports utility vehicles. The following reasons are reasons you should convert your car today.

1. You will cut back on harmful emissions.

2. Your car will be better able to pass the strictest emissions test.

3. You will save gas up to 60%.

4. Less wear and tear on your car.

5. You will save in maintenance costs.

6. You will breathe better.

7. You will sleep better.

8. Save your car pool money.

There is an endless list. I hope this article touched you in some way. It is easy to convert your car into a hybrid car. I have information on the #1 site according to CNN, NBC, CNET and AOL at the time of writing this article. Feel free to contact me for more information on how to convert your car into a water hog instead of a gas hog.

Follow the lead and become more responsible to your environment and your finances. My company and I are all about empowering people. Helping people save money, save the earth and live better. We love the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. You should also love the air you breathe, the water you drink and whatever land you stand on.

Accurate Business Global
Jack Manns

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Bankruptcy Attorneys Not Essential, But Helpful

Franklin bankruptcy attorneys are your best source of information about filing for personal bankruptcy. You are not required to hire Franklin bankruptcy attorneys or any legal help at all, but it is best to have experts on the subject matter working for you. You will find that hiring Franklin bankruptcy attorneys is especially valuable when dealing with bankruptcy exemptions.

If you file for chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court appoints a trustee to help you liquidate your nonexempt personal property. He or she or the bankruptcy court cannot liquidate anything that is protected by a bankruptcy exemption. Generally, there is a federal set of bankruptcy exemptions and also a set of state bankruptcy exemptions.

Many states allow you to use both federal bankruptcy exemptions and state bankruptcy exemptions. Other states require you to choose between using federal bankruptcy exemptions and state bankruptcy states. Some states opt out of the federal bankruptcy exemption scheme altogether. Still, a few states, while they require you to use state bankruptcy exemptions or to choose them, allow you to use supplementary federal bankruptcy exemptions as well.

The state of Georgia allows you to use state bankruptcy exemptions, but not any federal bankruptcy exemptions. However, the state of Georgia allows you to use supplementary federal bankruptcy exemptions along with their state bankruptcy exemptions. However, you will not use of all the bankruptcy exemptions that are available to you. You will only use the bankruptcy exemptions that apply to your bankruptcy case.

Georgia state bankruptcy exemptions include homestead, insurance, pensions, personal property, public benefits, tools of trade, wages, miscellaneous, and a wild card bankruptcy exemption of $ 400 on any of your personal property.

Supplementary federal bankruptcy exemptions include retirement benefits, survivors’ benefits, death and disability benefits, and miscellaneous benefits.

Franklin bankruptcy attorneys will know best what to do with your available bankruptcy exemptions.

For experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy bankruptcy assistance, contact the attorneys from www.legalhelpers.com. Call toll-free 800-260-1402 today for your initial free consultation or come into one of their 100 offices across the country.

Dallas Tax Attorney IRS Audits Texas Tax Law Firm

Nick Nemeth ( www.dallas-irs-help.com ) is a Dallas-Fort Worth based tax attorney. As a Dallas IRS Lawyer, Nick has helped taxpayers resolve TAX problems and deal with IRS issues. If you have have any kind of tax issue or are under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) call a reputable law firm or Nick Nemeth for a free consultaion.

CALL NOW: 972-484-0TAX (0829)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Own A Home At Pennies On The Dollars

HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development. It is a federal department created in 1965 that deals with better housing and urban renewal. To provide low price housing to people in need is just one of the missions of HUD. Moreover, it aims to support community development, increase home ownership, and fight housing discrimination by offering public HUD housing, grants to private agencies that provide low-income housing, as well as rent subsidies. All in all, HUD is part of the many social services provided by the United States government to support all people in need especially those with income below a certain level to own a home in Real Estate in West Virginia, for instance.

This support normally comes in the form of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans or through government financial assistance programs. HUD owned homes, apartments, or multifamily homes are made for sale or rent at lower prices than standard homes. Since these homes are foreclosed properties and deeded back to HUD by the lending mortgage company, their price is normally below that their actual market value.

Some homes are either HUD owned and operated or are owned by landlords who are can accept tenants who receive loans or grants from a HUD or FHA assistance programs. Multifamily units are more economical for the government to afford because these building allows two or more families to be housed compared to HUD single family homes.

An HUD multifamily home is usually a type of residential structure with more than one dwelling unit in the same building. Generally, they are one floor buildings connected to each other. More often than not, the government converts a single home to several multifamily units in order to benefit several low income families. Some individuals who were not approved of a bank loan either because of credit or financial issues apply for an HUD multifamily arrangement. this option gave them a chance to choose from several programs like Section Eight housing, subsidized rent situations, low interest government loans, and so on.

There is another group that can apply for an HUD program. Investors who would like to own an aparment or a multifamily home as a source of income can apply for an HUD multifamily program. If you want to apply for an HUD program, visit HUD or FHA websites for more information and instructions on how to apply and qualify.

Looking for HUD homes at Homes for Sale in Tomball TX is not that difficult. However, make sure that you consult your real estate experts who intimately knew HUD homes. Take your time. Remember that you always have a choice when it comes to buying Homes for Sale in Rosamond CA.

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Useful Advice From Bankruptcy Attorneys

You need Franklin bankruptcy attorneys to help you with your personal bankruptcy case. While you can file for personal bankruptcy on your own, you are much better off if you work with Franklin bankruptcy attorneys since they understand the process better than you do. For instance, Franklin bankruptcy attorneys know that bankruptcy is a federal procedure that takes place in a federal courthouse.

Each state then gets divided into several bankruptcy districts where federal courthouses are that you can file for personal bankruptcy in. The state of Georgia is divided into three bankruptcy districts: the Northern Georgia Bankruptcy District, the Middle Georgia Bankruptcy District, and the Southern Bankruptcy District. Federal bankruptcy law also requires you to take a course in credit counseling at least six months before actually filing for bankruptcy to help you determine if you should even be filing for bankruptcy at all.

State laws also affect filing for personal bankruptcy, especially when you file for chapter 7 personal bankruptcy and has to deal with bankruptcy exemptions. Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy, sometimes called straight bankruptcy, sees a trustee appointed by the bankruptcy court helping you to liquidate your nonexempt personal property to help pay back your creditors. The bankruptcy exemptions help save certain of your personal property from being liquidated.

Bankruptcy exemption schemes change from state to state. The state of Georgia does not allow anyone filing for bankruptcy to use federal bankruptcy exemptions. If filing for personal bankruptcy in the state of Georgia, you must only state bankruptcy exemptions. However, you are also allowed to use supplemental federal bankruptcy exemptions.

You will not use all of the bankruptcy exemptions that are available to you. You will only use the bankruptcy exemptions that apply to your specific bankruptcy case. Your Franklin bankruptcy attorneys will know best how to use bankruptcy exemptions to your benefit when you have filed for bankruptcy.

For experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy bankruptcy assistance, contact the attorneys from www.legalhelpers.com. Call toll-free 800-260-1402 today for your initial free consultation or come into one of their 100 offices across the country.

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Morgan Dollars

Morgan Dollars—the most popular silver dollar coins?

Morgan dollars that were minted from the years 1878 through 1904 (plus, later once again in 1921) just might be the most widely collected of all U.S. silver coins. Morgan dollars may even be more sought-after than the Peace dollar or Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

There are so many Morgan dollars available to collect, that Morgan appeals to a collector’s “hunt and gather” instinct. Morgan dollars are collected in a variety of ways. Most coin collectors who collect silver dollars like to collect Morgan dollars the traditional way: by obtaining one of each date and mintmark combination, which is not easy. Older collectors can remember that in the 1950s silver dollars were available at banks but too expensive to collect. A simpler approach that would be far less expensive would be to put together a collection that consists of the least expensive example of each of the different years of Morgan dollars. By doing this, you would have a complete year set without the focus on all the different mintmarks of Morgan Dollars.

What are the varieties of Morgan Dollars that are most popular? One coin collecting guide book lists five different varieties of the Philadelphia-minted 1878 and another five varieties of the 1880-CC, which is the Carson City mint that so many collectors love to own coins from.

In fact, a third way to collect Morgan dollars would be to focus on Morgan dollars from the Carson City Mint. This type of coin collection would be made up of only 13 different coins: the mint years 1878 -1885 and 1889-1893. The only downside of collecting Morgan Dollars this way is that four of the dates (1879-CC, 1889-CC, 1892-CC, 1893-CC) are expensive to own in all the grades. Even the “common” dates of Carson City Morgan dollars are relatively expensive because of high demand. The good news is that this collection would feature the 1878-CC, with a mintage of 2,212,000 (the second highest mintage of the 13 dates, following only the 1890-CC (2,309,041).

Are you interested in starting a collection of http://www.eaglenationalmint.com/Coins/Morgan-Dollars_3″;>Morgan dollars? If so, some of the finest and most collectible Morgan Dollars can be found online from http://www.eaglenationalmint.com”;>Eagle National Mint.

Tax dollars paid for about 85 cents of every dollar spent in 2014—the rest was borrowed. Where did all that money go? | http://dailysign.al/1DwWXW1
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Timeshare Tax

So, I was just reading an article about a tax being imposed on timeshare owners in Myrtle Beach. This tax would be imposed to bring in money for the state’s tourism products to be marketed. It seemed like another thing that timeshare owners now have to deal with. It got me thinking about all the people who have timeshares right now and already want to sell but are having trouble. Now they may be even more desperate to fall into the hands of companies like Prudential West. Companies that will offer you a quick and easy fix to your problem and then charge you fees and never sell your timeshare. You get tricked into working with them and pay them the fees they charge, but then never get the results that you were promised.

I think of the many people that own timeshares in Myrtle beach and then are now being charged with extra taxes that they don’t feel are right. Now they may be looking to sell their timeshare and then end up falling into the hands of a company like Prudential West that offer a timeshare exit strategy. These methods that they use and promises that they make are wrong and it is unfair that they offer them and get away with it. If I was a timeshare owner looking to sell and didn’t already know about these agencies then I would probably fall victim to them too and pay their fees and get no results.

I know that certain resale companies are real and can provide someone with help selling their timeshare. I also know about companies that make promises they cannot keep and scam people out of their money. Like I mentioned, Prudential West is a company that will use these tactics to get people to try and sell their timeshare with them. I just hope that the people who want to sell their timeshares and avoid these new taxes can successfully sell their timeshare and avoid these scams.

It is complaints like this about Prudential West that have begun to really hurt the company and their rapidly declining sales figures. Buyers need to exercise caution when thinking about working with companies like Prudential West, or any other company that there are so many complaints about online.

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Saving Transportation Dollars

I had the distinct pleasure of being a panelist at the Transportation and Logistics Council Annual Meeting in St. Louis, MO last week. The title of the session was “Saving Transportation $ $ $ .” My presentation focused on three key areas, Carrier Selection and Evaluation, Contract Negotiation and Auditing and Performance Measurements. Here are some key points from that presentation.

Carrier Selection and Evaluation: First and foremost, focus on the customer. See the selection process through the eyes of the customer. What is the customer’s perception of the value received? Cheapest is never the BEST! Least cost consistent with the service required and offered is the best. Do you know the difference between cheapest and least cost? There is a great motivational poster I recently saw titled “Success”. It states “if we do not take care of the customer someone else will”. What a great message.

Contract Negotiation: Remember, contract is not a four-letter word! Over the years we have seen reluctance on the part of shippers to enter into contractual agreements with their freight carriers. Why? Are they afraid they will have to make a commitment? Yet they always want a lower rate. Contracts protect BOTH parties. Shippers and carriers must be prepared to share information on an “Open Book” basis. Remember, for successful long-term business relationships shippers and carriers must be partners and as partners they should be looking out for the financial well-being of the other party.

Auditing and Performance Measurements: Both parties MUST create a systematic examination and evaluation of all Processes. Create a defined audit strategy and plan of action. Evaluate existing controls and make sure they work. If not, modify them to ensure they work. The audit process should include goals to constantly drive out costs for both parties. Create an environment for periodic business reviews between the parties to ensure that everything that’s supposed to happen is in fact happening. Be sure to assess customer feedback and remember that includes internal as well as external customers. Failure is not an option.

Anthony Nuzio is the President of ICC Logistics Services, Inc and a globally recognized expert in the transportation and logistics field. He is a former adjunct professor at Nassau College and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and works with a team of skilled professionals to achieve bottom-line cost savings. Visit Anthony on the web at http://www.icclogistics.com/ Click here to learn more about Anthony.

PIRACY MADNESS! (Your Tax Dollars At Work)

THE AD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvQFnSnhg7U

* * *

My forums: http://forum.thatfatatheist.com
My twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/amazingatheist
My facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Amazing-Atheist/123652427701068

* * *

White House-backed antipiracy video is Reefer Madness for the digital age

Piracy problems? US copyright industries show terrific health

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Furnished Apartment Rentals – Rules, Regulations, Tax Laws

You would learn many things as you enter this business. The most important of all is of course the law and how it applies to you when you become a landlord. You will find in this section a brief outline of what you need to know and do when you plan to rent your home.

Zoning of your home – You need to find out about the zoning status of the area your house is located in and understand the laws that govern it. Contact and discuss with house owners in the vicinity who are renting in that area for a better idea of the local rules and regulations and their correct interpretation. Educate yourself on all the changes that would affect your home.

Learn about the locals laws – You need to look up the Federal Fair Housing Law, which governs the property owners all over the USA. These websites would be very helpful: http://www.hud.gov/offices/fheo/FHLaws/ (USA) and http://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/H-6/index.html
(Canada). These particular laws outline the points that could be interpreted as discrimination, which would be construed as against the law. This law is further refined in most states and provinces, another reason for which you need to find out the local laws.

Home Owners Association (or strata) – You will find that in addition to the overall letter of the law, you would have another regulatory body at micro level: this is the homeowners association, whose responsibility would be to define rules and regulations for both homeowners and tenants. You would be able to find these documents in the community’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R), and these more than anything would be the ground rules you must apply to your rental. For example, in some places the CC&Rs would dictate that the place in a given area should not be rented to senior people above a certain age (say, 65) or students below a certain age (say, 25) without one of their parents. These are rules that are applicable to your rentals and you need to adhere to them.

There are also rules that protect disabled persons. In some areas such a person is allowed by the law to modify your home at your cost to be able to move without inconvenience. At the same time, he or she would be bound to get the house in the same condition they found it at their own cost before they conclude the lease – of course, this would be better applicable to the long-term rentals rather the short term.

Under the disabled person protection, you will also find the clause about pets. Here an animal – such as a dog – is an aide to the disabled person and is trained as a guide for a person with impaired eyesight. In such cases, you need to know that the rules about pets do not apply.

Business License and Permits – Then, you have the licenses and permits. Contact your city’s government officials to find out what exactly you need to apply for under the local laws. There would be a requirement to apply for a permit to rent your home for short-time basis. Fortunately, in most cases, application for license and permits could be done online.

Safety parameters – Safety and health code regulations are very important. In every state or province, there would be certain codes that need to be followed whether you are renting your property for short or long-term. Some examples would be the fire and smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, locking systems and other safety measures. Do not think of these as waste of money; besides ensuring the safety of your tenants and home, this would also contribute in lowering the costs of your insurance premiums. Talk to your insurance agent and identify which criteria contribute to lowering the projected risks to your home, which ultimately contribute to the calculation of the premium.

Local health and sanitation rules – Each city and region would have their own codes so it is important that you find out what they are and comply with these. You will find that in some places there would be rules governing the methods of linen sanitization, maintenance, water testing of pools, spas maintenance, etc.

Sales Tax – You would also need to check out with the local tax office about the taxes from the rent you receive. The sales tax is additional to the rent that you charge your guests. Your role would be to collect this sales tax and deposit it with the relevant government office.

Slava Kandakou is Managing Director at Golden City Rentals, Vancouver’s leading provider of furnished apartment rentals. Contact us for more info on furnished apartment rentals in Vancouver, furnished house rentals, and Vancouver corporate housing.

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