Of billions of dollars on business opportunities in the Middle East, Ningbo, how Huozhongquli – busi

“Our way of Jordan, the harvest of the just order, Jordan on a tax-free imports of machinery and equipment, sold from Jordan, other Arab countries duty-free. This information is enough for us to build a new Middle East strategic business plan.” Gang From Amman, Jordan to attend the Sixth China (Jordan) product development back Ningbo Ruyi Machinery AG, Wang Ji Reserve chairman, yesterday seemed very excited.

Although the smoke has not completely disappeared, but the Middle East in the hundreds of billions of dollars in reconstruction “cake”, enough to make global business eyebrows … …

“A mediocre production in Ningbo Plastic Lighter in Jordan market retail price up to 10JD (10JD equivalent to the equivalent of 109 yuan RMB), and its cost price in China up to 1 yuan. “For Su Haibing, the Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Ningbo, General Manager of the deep sea is, the Middle East as to his deep feelings.

In Jordan, they show several manufacturing spray, detergent bottle molds, the result, a local businessman asked the full set of tooling machinery, together with technology sold to them. All this appears in Suhai Bing, Jordan and other Middle East countries and reveals the weakness of the manufacturing sector is no doubt, and this is the export business opportunities in Ningbo. Businessmen looking for business opportunities

wisdom In fact, the participation of the Sixth China (Jordan) product development more than 70 enterprises in Ningbo, in which more than 60 businesses were participating for the first time to Jordan. This has become a large-scale expansion of these enterprises in the Middle East a “pioneering” trip. In the end, turnover and intention Ningbo orders for corporate on-site total more than 20 million U.S. dollars.

According to statistics, the reconstruction of Iraq’s massive project will cost over 100 billion U.S. dollars, while the post-war Lebanon, electricity, Communicate And transport and other infrastructure is being rebuilt, is expected to demand more than 40 billion U.S. dollars.

By local traders in the called “the Middle East, Canton Fair,” The Sixth China (Jordan) product development, the Ningbo demonstrate machinery and equipment, Home Appliances , Building materials, new Energy , Auto Parts , Clothing And other commodities, especially popular. Among them, the largest turnover machinery and equipment and home appliances. The advantage of the current export products in Ningbo gathered in the machinery, steam fittings, petrochemicals, new materials and so on.

“Although the market has great potential, but the worrying situation in Iraq, so many Chinese enterprises to give up direct intervention in the market looking for new distribution curve.” China’s (Jordan) Commodities Fair organizing committee Jian-Jun Pan said.

And then unarmed Chuang different world Wenzhou businessmen, Ningbo businessmen “Baotuan” approach to the Middle East market, supported by the Chinese government background (Jordan) product development platform to Denver, to avoid the volatile situation.

Why Jordan? “Jordan is a neutral, Jordan to Iraq, Iraqi highway was called the ‘lifeline roads’, Iraq 70% of the civilian reconstruction products will enter. And Jordan and neighboring Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and other countries, both industrial base weak. necessities of life relies heavily on imports. rather inexpensive Chinese goods such as appliances, Stationery , Toy So very welcome. “Jordanian Industry and Trade Minister AMERALOHADIDI said.

Professional production of Ningbo Colorful Electric refrigerator, at the show took more than 300 container export orders. The electric company’s iron Ningbo Wah Yu, freezers and other products, also received a large number of orders.

“We brought more than 10 washing machine prototype, were bought to the Jordanians. First day of the offer for 70 U.S. dollars, local talk is cheap, then asking price to 100JD (JD), they still hesitate to buy really exceeded our expectations. “Import and Export Co., Ltd. Ningbo Road, Yue Lihui said business manager.

Ningbo enterprises even more pleased that the majority of the sample participants were residents of Jordan ordered a blank. Not only for daily use, with large machinery and equipment has also been the scene of local businessmen bought.

According to statistics, from January to September this year, Ningbo trade of goods exported to Jordan, has more than 100 million U.S. dollars, up 56% over the same period last year, which in today’s complex trade environment has become a rare bright spot.

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