Dollars for Sight

There is no real set price for how much Lasik eye surgery may caost.  It depends on the doctor as to what the procedure will cost a patient.  The main comparison between all doctors is that they charge patients per eye for the surgery.  Having the procedure done on both eyes will mean a patient will have two separate surgeries.  There may also be extra charges depending on the technology that is being used to perform the surgery.

However, you may still want to know an average of what you might be charged for Lasik.  Though prices can change, the average amount one might have to pay is several hundred to possible over five thousand dollars.  These figures depend on whether you’re getting surgery on one or both eyes, the equipment that is being used, and any other fees that may be added.  You can find Lasik surgery that won‘t cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, but they may not exactly be telling the whole truth.  There can be extra charges not mentioned, and your condition may be more severe than others that would cost less.

There is good news for the future of the cost of Lasik surgery though.  The average cost of Lasik eye surgery has dropped in the last year, and it seems it will continue to drop each year.  Many doctors are beginning to quote single prices rather than pricing technologies separately.  This trend looks like it will continue, and thus the reason for prices dropping over the last few years.

Surgery is not something that is going to be, nor should be inexpensive.  It is a service that is being provided for the betterment of one’s health, and it is difficult to put a price on such a service.  Given the state of the current economy it is difficult to think about paying so much for anything, but when it comes to your health and vision the price of surgery is much less than possible outcomes if you were to forego the procedure.


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